How we operate

We come to you house and collect your dog at a time we have agreed
The dog is transported in the rear of our 4X4
On arrival at our walk location, the dog is exercised for the time you have requested
The dog is returned home, given a rub down if necessary and water bowls are topped up

Your dog may be walked alone or, more usually, in a small group of compatible dogs. They will be taken to open areas and some dogs (subject to owner wishes) will be let off lead. This is a great opportunity for your dog to let off steam and socialise. Favoured places to walk include Aberffraw beach, Pentraeth forest and Newborough Warren.

This is an excellent option for high energy dogs, large or small, which cannot be let off the lead. The dogs will run in a harness attached to me on a bungee cord. I discovered this when trying to wear out my young Springer Spaniel but it’s even more fun with a German Shepherd!

Bikejor is the name given to the sport of mountain biking with a dog running in harness attached safely to the bike via a bungee cord and attachment. This really does ensure a dog is tired out both mentally and physically. Dogs are trained to follow commands of slow, stop, right, left etc while running for a few weeks before embarking on the bike.

Puppy Visits
The aim here is to give your puppy company while you are out at work. Depending on the age of the dog it might involve play, a short walk, lead or recall training in the garden or just loads of cuddles! Some puppies benefit from two short visits per day if you’re out at work and this may be possible depending on your location.

Pet Sitting
Some pets don’t respond well to a cattery / kennel environment and this can cause problems
if you are going away or simply have a long day out planned. Our pet sitting service offers
two visits per day, feeding, cleaning and lots of cuddles. Dogs would also accompany us on
at least one of our walks. In addition to looking after your pets we can put lights on / off and
water plants, take in mail etc so that your home is cared for.